Customized Copper to Aluninum Bus Bars for Electric Power

Copper to aluminum is a new type of conductor material which combines the high quality, stable and conductive properties of copper with aluminum's low cost energy and combines low contact resistance. Widely used in automation, metallurgy, high and low voltage electrical equipment, construction industry and metallurgical industry.


RHI manufacture and supply wide range of fabricated aluminum busbars. 

Cu-Al bimetallic material is a new technical material, based on different industry needs,formed by advanced machining processing technique: Solid-Liquid machining processing technique to bond copper and aluminum in oxygen-free environment permanently and firmly, which decided the alloy and base material characteristic are better preserved. It is suitable for continuous automatically manufacture and does not need other manufacture process, such as welding or soldering after its formation. 

CCA busbar is replacing copper busbar for electrode of electrical equipment, industry and building electricity control cabinate, subway and high speed train electricity transmission, it voids the cooked surface, arcing, overheat, reduces power consumption,has significant economic and practical prospects.

Cu-Al bimetallic Bus Bar Advantages:

  • Produced by innovative patent technology——Solid-Liquid machining processing technique to bond copper and aluminum permanently and firmly;

  • With higher electric conductivity: Can reach more than 98% of the same volume conductivity of pure copper;

  • Lighter than pure copper: About 1/3 weight of the same volume of pure copper;
  • Lower cost than pure copper;
  • 90 degree bend do not wrinkle, stamping no cracking, easy processing;
  • Meet all thickness between 0.20mm to 15mm in ratio of 20Cu:80Al by thickness for Cu-Al Bimetal;
  • Unlimited for length and area.

Product Show:



Plating Options:Nickel Plating 
Silver Plating
Tin Plating    
Insulated Finishes:

PE, PVC, PA12, PET and Epoxy powder coating

  • PE : Withstand Voltage 2700V AC, Working Temperature -40℃ to 125℃,

    Flame Retardant UL224 VW-1. Used for solid&flexible busbar,  but it can

    not be used for special-shaped products.

  • PVC (Dipping): Withstand Voltage 3500V AC, Working Temperature -40℃

    to 125℃, Flame Retardant  UL94V-0.   Used for solid&flexible busbar, and

    can be used for special-shaped products.

  • Epoxy Powder Coating :Withstand Voltage 5000V AC, Working Temperature

    -40℃ to 150℃, Flame Retardant UL94V-0.  Used for solid busbar.

  • PVC (Extruded): Withstand Voltage 3500V AC, Working Temperature -40℃

    to 125℃, Flame Retardant UL94V-0.  Used for flexible busbar.

  • PA12 (Extruded):Withstand Voltage 5000V AC, Working Temperature -40℃

    to 150℃, Flame Retardant   UL94V-0.  Used for solid busbar.

  • PET: Withstand Voltage 5000V AC, Working Temperature -40℃

    to 125℃, Flame Retardant   UL94V-0.  Used for solid busbar.

re Finish 
Edge:Full Round Edges 
Rounded Corners 
Square Corners  
Voltage Type: AC 
Production Capabilities:Bending 



Industries Served:Aircraft 
Switch Gear    
Engineering Capabilities:Design Assistance 
Design Verification 
File Formats Accepted: 





Why Choose RHI BUSBAR?

1. Advanced Technology: We have industry-leading processes and technologies like automatic robot dipping, automatic robot welding, automatic copper forming and 20 years’ experience of busbar insulated dipping technology. With automation equipment and R&D team, we continuously improve our production efficiency and product quality reliability. 

2. Efficient Supply Chain: From raw materials to finished products, all processes include mould and fixture are finished in our plant. Only the plating is finished by our supplier near our factory.

3. Superior Service: Give response in 8 hours, arrive at customer’s site to solve problem in 24 hours ( Site outside China may need to be extended).

4. Quick Response: With efficient supply chain and perfect production process, we can provide small batch products in a short time to support early development of customer’s project.

5.Quality Commitment: We are committed to the highest quality standards. Material is tested before production to guarantee it is ETP grade copper.  All goods are inspected before delivery. We have certificates of ROHS, REACH, UL94V-0, ISO14000 and IATF16949. 

6. Timely Delivery: Experienced workforce, large production capacity and sound supply chain guarantee timely delivery time for customer.

7. Competitive Price: With efficient supply chain and production environment in China, we have advantage of low cost.

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