Design and Development:

At RHI, we not only produce bus bars according to customer drawings but also offer design assistance. If you have any questions about designing electrical busbars for your battery pack or system, we can arrange a meeting to discuss your needs. Our technicians can collaborate on your project to design an effective and cost-efficient bus bar. We also provide verification for new designs.


Battery Pack Module Connector Integrated Onto a Laminated Busbar


RHI has lab. We make test to confirm performance of the designed part before delivery. We can make metallographic test, bending test, pulling force test, aging test,salt spray test etc.

Metallographic Test: Metallographic testing typically uses microscopy to provide important information about the structure and properties of metal and alloy samples. We usually use it to observe the gaps between layers after welding and analysis polymer diffusion welding quality.

Thermal Simulation: RHI simulate bus bar’s working condition, cooling condition and insulation to check its temperature rise. Thermal simulation can be applied at an early design stage. It helps engineers make better decisions and design more effective product parts.

Bending Test: RHI can makes bending test to check fatigue resistance of flexible busbars.

Salt Spray Test: Check the corrosion resistant performance of plating.


Thermal simulation test of new energy vehicle power battery



Our production range includes rigid, flexible, laminated, and extruded bus bars, as well as bus bar covers. All processes are handled in-house except for plating, which is performed by a nearby supplier. Our capabilities include cutting, welding, polishing, punching, bending, twisting, riveting, brazing, insulation, and more. With advanced equipment, including robotic production lines and automation, we efficiently produce complex designs and scale up production volume.

RHI-solid busbar, flexible busbar, laminated busbar, extruded busbar