• How to choose the sizes of flat copper busbar?

    Standard Copper Bar Current Capacity Estimation Method: Single copper bus bar current capacity= width(mm)*thickness coefficient. Double copper bus bar current capacity= width(mm)*thickness coefficient*1.5.

    2024-05-21 16:14:48 admin

  • Flexible Busbars: Enhancing Electrical Systems

    Flexible busbars offer versatile and efficient solutions for various applications, enhancing the performance and reliability of electrical systems.

    2023-08-28 09:15:35 RHI

  • 300 Million electric vehicles in the world in 2040

    300 Million electric vehicles in the world in 2040, studied by Cyrus Mewawalla.

    2018-08-10 16:03:05 rhibusbar

  • New-energy vehicles to get renewed push

    The central government on Tuesday decided to accelerate the development of fuel-efficient new-energy vehicles to reinforce its green goals.Industry experts said the move would promote healthy restruct

    2018-01-20 15:00:44 admin

  • Global copper mining is taking a big hit.

    Lots of action the past few days in the global copper mining sector. With a couple of the world’s biggest mines again erupting into violence.That included the Grasberg mega-mine in Indonesia. Where po

    2018-01-12 11:32:16 admin

  • Energy Storage Performance in the First Three Quarters

    RHI Electric has rapidly developed and captured most of China's new energy vehicle (EV busbars​) market. Many globally leading automotive component manufacturers have explicitly expressed long-term cooperation intentions and plans with RHI Electric. Some have established good cooperative relationships with our company for many years. Given the enormous potential of the energy storage system busbars market in the next decade, RHI Electric is fully committed to entering the ESS busbars industry and actively exploring the global market.

    2023-12-04 18:20:48 RHI ELECTRIC

  • Busbar

    Busbars Eliminate Wiring Errors, Increase Capacitance, Improve Reliability And System Cost. RHI Will Help You Achieve All These Advantages.

    2021-12-27 11:21:00 rhibusbar

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