Copper Busbar

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RHI has innovative copper busbar manufacturing equipment that provides superior and quality levels of delivery performance, making sure your project is finished on time and within budget. Our busbar manufacturing process allows us to offer this copper busbar service to all our customers across the globe.

Similar to wiring systems, copper busbars distribute energy and power from a supply point to various output circuits. Nonetheless, they are more flexible and efficient while needing minimal maintenance, even though busbars are initially more expensive than wiring harnesses. Thus, lowering their overall costs.

Busbars also enable fast installation and are eco-friendly. That being said, libraries, data centers, and factories have been all turning towards busbars to satisfy their energy distribution requirements.

What is Copper Busbar?

Busbars are metallic strips, which ground and conduct electricity. They’re coated with various materials that result in different lifespans and varying conductivity limits. What’s more, busbars differ in sizes and shapes, offering various ampacity (the amount of current a busbar can carry).

It’s worth mentioning that busbars could be made from different aluminum, brass, or copper, yet the most common material is copper. Now, you may be wondering why most busbars are made out of copper? What are its benefits?

Copper is considered one of the most abundant metals on the planet and the most conductive. Apart from its relatively high conductivity and cheapness, copper busbars have numerous benefits over other kinds of busbars.

For example, copper has a lower coefficient of linear expansion, lessening the overall stress the busbar is exposed to as it heats up from the current. Further, copper has a great modulus of elasticity that makes it stiffer than other metals and lessens the strain resulting from stress.

When its surface oxidizes, a thin layer of oxidation is still conductive. For all those reasons, copper busbars have a much longer lifespan compared to other types of busbars.

Properties of Copper Busbar

The main properties that must be looked for when assessing a busbar system are the following:

·         Mechanical properties

·         Electrical conductivity

·         Thermal properties

The properties of copper can differ based on the impurities present inside it or the number of alloys.

RHI—Delivering Only the Finest Copper Busbars in the World

For the past years, RHI has gained massive resources, professional techniques, and wide facilities to offer fabrication services for custom metal parts, particularly custom copper busbar. We take pride in our big inventory with different specifications of copper busbar profiles, which enables us to quickly supply the most common specification copper busbar.

Further, punching, riveting, bending, plating, drilling, tapping, laser marking, powder coating, heat shrinking, whatever process you can think of on the production of copper busbar can be done here.

We manufacture a wide array of flexible copper, solid copper, and copper busbars to suit a broad spectrum of applications in the electrical engineering industry. All our copper busbar products are made from high-grade copper.

On top of that, we can manufacture the busbars according to your conditions, from your drawings, or we can make drawings for you from your electrical and dimensions requirements. The standard finish will be 5 microns thick, electro-tin plate, either dull or bright, depending upon your unique requirements.

At RHI, our engineers have many years of experience designing copper busbars. They can recommend the optimum size and layout of the busbar for your application, which includes temperature rise calculations.

Our processes include punch, cut to length, bend, profile, slot, assemble, insulation, and twist add inserts.

Why Choose RHI for Your Copper Busbar Needs?

RHI is a reliable and trusted company committed to manufacturing and trading copper busbars. Our experts guarantee the production of busbars has been fabricated from premium quality tested raw material.

Our copper busbars are accessible in a wide array of weight, thickness, and length, not to mention these busbars can be availed at the best and most competitive prices because of the total in-house operation of the coating.

Our company also has a wide setup and modern processes, which enable us to provide massive orders at quick turnaround time—also, RHI work on less margin of profit.

Here are some of the reasons to choose us for all your copper busbar needs:

     Low MOQ


     Offer cost-efficient solution

     Manufacturer of customized product

     Superior quality products

     Timely delivery

     Capable of processing big orders

     Low cost because of in-house operations

     Open and efficient communication channels

     Fast turnaround time

At RHI, we offer only the best quality products to industries with an always-ready stock of raw materials. We genuinely know the requirement of end customers and present them with the most suitable material. We seek to offer only the best copper busbar products at a quick turnaround time.

Call us today at 0086-15258035552 for any concerns related to copper busbars. We are only a click away if you wish to purchase high-quality and tested copper busbars.