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Busbars eliminate wiring errors, increase capacitance, improve reliability and system cost. They also offer unique features in mechanical designs and lower inductance. RHI will help you achieve all these advantages. 

We are a reliable and professional busbar manufacturer and exporter from specialized design and development to production. We hold compliance with international quality standards, ensuring all products are safe, high-quality, and efficient.

We manufacture busbars that are often used in different sectors, such as:

  • Science andResearch 

  • Electric Motors 

  • Data Centers 

  • Motorsport and NicheVehicles 

  • ElectricalSwitchgear 

  • Renewable Energy 

  • And more!

As a leading and trusted busbar manufacturer, our scope of expert manufacturing techniques and innovative solutions allow us to produce a wide variety of top-notch quality, bespoke busbars to specifications. We handle all project sizes, from single part demand to major projects with multiple variants. 

Top-notch Quality Busbars with Flexible Short Lead-time Process 

RHI combines the technical team’s expertise with a customer-centric approach and state-of-the-art equipment to deliver superior and efficient specification products to different sectors. We produce a variety of busbars with different functionalities.

Copper Busbars 

We utilize the most advanced manufacturing equipment to produce copper busbars with a high delivery performance level. Our clients can expect a rapid response service using our reliable punching and forming machines.

Flexible Busbars 

Our flexible busbars provide many technical advantages when it comes to performance and capability. They are made by a unique endless loop system using a thin, soft copper. Then, they are wound and compressed to a particular thickness, giving the necessary cross-sectional area that carries the desired current.

Aluminum Busbars

In aluminum busbars, final weight is a critical consideration. We have successfully produced tons of aluminum busbars with various applications, such as aerospace, marine, rail, and power conversion industries. Our products are also used for transformers, distribution boards, and electrical panel boards. 

Solid Busbars 

We manufacture high-quality solid busbars, often used for connecting generators and consumers. They have a range of applications, including connections between switchgear and transformers/generators. They also offer considerable advantages, such as long-term life cycle, excellent electric conductivity, and great cost/performance ratio.

Laminated Busbars 

Laminated busbars refer to the multiple layers of the conductive metals end result, aluminum or copper, separated by dielectric material’s paper-thin layers. We heat and compress them into an integrated component. These busbars are known for their reliability, reduced heat, and low inductance.

Busbar Covers 

Busbars are designed and built to handle even the toughest conditions. However, they still need an extra layer of protection. Our busbar covers are the perfect solution for that. Our premium-grade busbar covers prevent accidental contact with the exposed bus bar body parts. In return, users can expect increased safety and protection and no interruption in the circuit.

Cu-AI Busbars 

Our Cu-AI Busbars are produced using innovative patent technology and deliver higher electric conductivity. They are lighter compared to pure copper with lower costs. Plus, they do not crack or wrinkle.

RHI – Your Busbar Experts!

We boast years of experience and expertise in busbar manufacturing and production covering multiple sectors. We highly focus on product quality, innovation, and customer service.

Our ongoing investment in the most advanced technology helps us succeed in different markets. We also focus on providing added value, from technical output to critical sourcing. We strongly believe that customer engagement is essential to understanding their real needs. In return, we can go above and beyond and exceed their expectations.

Why Choose Us to Handle All Your Busbar Needs?

We have extensive experience in designing and producing high-quality busbars. We have a complete in-house busbar manufacturing capability. We use our expertise and flexibility to respond to your customers’ unique needs. No matter how small or big a project is, we have something great to offer. 

We are committed to developing and delivering innovative products for a variety of applications. Our busbar prototypes undergo a current flow analysis testing and temperature rise simulation to ensure the most efficient and reliable design and layouts. 

We value our customers’ time the way we value their satisfaction. We complete orders based on the agreed schedule at a quick turnaround time. Our customers trust our words due to our commitment to manufacturing busbars based on their requirements. We ensure to deliver not only the best products but also excellent customer service at all times. 

We act as your design partner with extensive product and application expertise. We will help you maximize system performance, reduce manufacturing and production time without sacrificing quality and functionality, and lower total costs to meet your requirements. We have a dedicated team of engineers that will guide you throughout the process, from order placement to fast delivery.

If you are looking for the best quality busbars dedicated to your industry, do not hesitate to contact us at 0086-15258035552. We will professionally handle all your concerns and needs. Contact us today and take advantage of our high-quality busbars!