RHI Custom-fabricated battery bus bars

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RHI Electric Co., Ltd  cut its teeth in the electrical connector manufacturing business with the production of battery bus bars and connectors. Over the years, we’ve mastered the intricacies of producing these critical component parts. Today, we offer numerous production methods, based on the connector design and the order quantity, and use CNC technology-based equipment to streamline battery copper bus bar production from start to finish.

Custom-fabricated battery bus bars electrically inter-connect a range of battery cells. You’ll find our battery connectors in a variety of applications too, from hybrid and electric vehicles, to your local central telephone office, in nearly every aspect of our lives these components help keep electricity flowing.


About Copper Battery Bus Bars
You can trust our expertly crafted custom components to meet the strictest quality requirements for inclusion in your emergency lighting units, uninterruptible power supplies, continuous process systems, operating controls, switchgear components, and protective relays.
And because the more current you need, the bigger the connector you need, we custom manufacture battery copper bus bar in the many applications.