About Zhejiang RHI Electric New Energy

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The new department of energy of Zhejiang RHI Electric co., LTD., specializing in the production and sales of various types of T2 copper busbar, copper foil soft connection, braiding copper. Various specifications of copper rod, various thickness of copper plate, various copper cover,All kinds of thin copper tube, special aluminum platoon, special copper platoon, nickel-copper alloy, copper wiring terminal.New energy series products.

The company's new department of energy was established in January 2016. The company has passed the ISO9000 quality management system in 2016, the company mainly produces new energy accessories, PVC leaching sheath, insulation sheath and so on, the total output is 1000000 pieces/year. The company is committed to. Copper platoon. Copper bar. Copper plate. Aluminum. Electrical switch cabinet. Transformer. Power switch cabinet and other parts processing and production.

Products meet the national standards. Various specifications, various sections T2 copper platoon.T - type copper platoon. Different type copper platoon. Various specifications of ultra - coarse - type copper rod. All kinds of thick and abnormal purple copper plates. Various types of yellow copper wire. Copper ingots. Aluminum ingots.

Now with domestic many famous smelting metallurgy mines, electric power, switch cabinets, transformers, power companies, new energy automobile enterprises and other cooperation!Welcome to inquire!company.jpg