RHI custom design copper bus bars. Send us your drawings and requirements. We'll reply you in 24 hours.

RHI custom fabricated copper busbars according to customer's request. We have capabilities of cutting, punching, bending, twisting, riveting ,brazing, plating and coating etc. Products include rigid bus bars, flexible bus bars, copper shunts and laminated copper bus bars. They are widely used in automobile battery, power distribution, controller, inverter etc. 



We have line cutting and hole punching equipments. RHI use line cutting to cut

any bus bar shapes, and use punching machine to make hole in different shapes 

and sizes. With features of  accurate, affordable and efficient, these equipments 

made us  to produce busbar in high quality, competitive price and fast delivery. 


1516256725877324.jpgCertain applications require bus bar plating in order to minimize oxidation. It also

allows the product to have a good contact surface, maintaining low resistant contact

when attached. RHI copper busbars can be plated with tin, silver and nickle.

Tin – specifically bright acid tin – is generally the most ubiquitous, based on its

professional look and feel, prevention of oxidation & low resistivity. Additionally, 

tin is the most economical while still providing a high quality product. Tin is the 

most common bus bar plating option; however, other choices are available.

Silver is best for conductivity.Bus bar nickel plating is ideal for harsh environments.


RHI bus bars can be insulated with heat shrink sleeve, pvc dipping and epoxy powder coat.

Heat shrink sleeve widely used in rectangular bus bars. It has high resistance to splitting,

good solvent resistance and excellent tracking resistance properities. The sleeve is flame 

retardant, flexible and conforms to bends. This is the most cost save coating way.

1516257410135750.jpgRHI is the only company who produce both copper bus bar and pvc dipping. Heat shrink 

sleeve can't be inserted into shaped bus bars. PVC dipping can solve this problem. It delivers

premium performance and long working life.

Bus bar epoxy coatings are available in a wide variety of colors and thicknesses to suit your 

specific needs. It is common in a wide variety of applications and industries. It provides many 

important safety and design advantages including.1516258612404081.jpg

  • Improved Conductivity

  • Corrosion Protection

  • Electrical Shock Protection

  • High Voltage Arcing Protection

  • Current-Induced Magnetic Field Protection

  • Harsh Environment Conditions and Outdoor Elements Protection.