• ·RHI has independent experimental center to provide performance guarantee for various products.

RHI-Precise Salt Mist Tester (corrosion)RHI-High Power DC Voltage StabilizerRHI-Tensile tester (shear/pull force)
Precise Salt Mist Tester (corrosion)High Power DC Voltage Stabilizer
RHI-Fatigue testerRHI-Tensile tester (shear/pull force)
Fatigue tester

Tensile tester (shear/pull force)

Constant temperature and humidity testing machine
RHI-Electrical Conductivity TesterRHI-Voltage Tester
Electrical Conductivity TesterVoltage Tester
RHI-Multipass Temperature Tester (temperature rise)RHI-Temperature Tester (aging resistance)

Multipass Temperature Tester (temperature rise)

Temperature Tester (aging resistance)