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Yueqing RHI Electric Co., Ltd. specializes in the production and sale of conventional SC terminals, T terminals, pre-insulated bare terminals, PVC, insulated terminals, and so on more than 10,000 kinds of specifications, and can be based on customer requirements for design and production. The annual output of the number of pick billion, weighing over 2,000 tons, production capacity is still constantly adjusted, expanded, has been ready to meet the challenges of the market. The total output of the terminal ranks first in the domestic counterparts in recent years in Zhejiang Province, mechanical and electrical products export rankings among the best.
The company supply all kinds of national standard special-shaped copper, such as copper pipe, copper straps,copper bar, copper busbar, copper rod and so on.

The main products of the terminal with reference to the United States, Japan, Germany, France and other advanced industrial countries of the technical standards and quality requirements, widely used in domestic and foreign control cabinets, transformers, electrical appliances, wire harness manufacturing, railways, communications, ships, aerospace, And other industries and fields. 50% of products exported to Asia, Europe, the Americas, Africa, more than 100 countries and regions, and was the domestic ZTE, Huawei Communications, Haier Electronics, Toshiba Transformer, Siemens Electric more than 800 well-known manufacturers trust. Product standards complete, SC Japanese JIS standard, DLN German standard, AWG American Standard, etc., suitable for different needs of the guests.

The company has advanced automated production lines, the products are designed by the company’s own R & D and production, the main raw material production for self-supply, more effectively ensure the high purity and conductivity of copper to ensure that the first-class quality products; company always uphold: Quality first, service-oriented criteria, from raw materials into the plant, to the process of the process of inspection, export packagin.

RHI focus on new energy battery copper busbar connection、flexible battery connector、braided busbar and other insulated covers.

Our Products comply with eu environmental protection, UL flame retardant, ISO9001 management system certification requirements.


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