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The Internal combustion engine era will come to an end?


Multi-country announced the ban on fuel tank timetable .

Internal combustion engine era will come to an end?

In fact, France is not the first country in the world to propose a ban on fuel vehicles. As early as April 2016, the Dutch Labor Party proposed plans to continue selling domestic gasoline and diesel vehicles in 2025, ensuring that all new cars are new energy vehicles after 2025, despite being moved by the right-wing parties, the Liberal Democrat Party Strongly opposed, but eventually passed.

At the recently concluded G20 Hamburg summit, global multinationals have made it clear that they will continue to work tirelessly in response to global climate change. Recently, the French Minister of Environment and Energy Nicholas Hollow said at the Paris Climate Program. In order to achieve the objectives of the Paris Agreement, France plans to completely stop selling gasoline and diesel vehicles from 2040 to 2050 to achieve carbon balance.

Previously, governments in the Netherlands, Norway and Germany also proposed plans to ban traditional fuel vehicles from 2025 to 2030. At the same time, Volvo and Toyota and other car prices also announced. That in a future time node, will no longer produce and manufacture of traditional fuel vehicles.

Does these moves mean that the internal combustion engine era will come to an end?

In this regard, China Energy and Transport Innovation Center founder. And executive director An Feng in an interview with this reporter pointed out that the European environmental protection regulations than other regions more stringent, coupled with the prospects for the development of diesel vehicles in Europe bleak. So the energy structure More clean European countries choose to vigorously promote the electric car is reasonable. But in the global context, the traditional fuel trucks and new energy vehicles will coexist for a long time.

Multi-country announced the prohibition of fuel trucks timetable traditional fuel truck life soon?

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